McLean's North-Eastern Pacific Gastropods

Daniel L. Geiger, Lindsey Groves & Jann Vendetti, editors


  This site informs on the progress of the identification manual for the north-eastern Pacific gastropods started in the 1960's by James H. McLean, former curator of Malacology at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. Due to health issues, Jim cannot complete his monumental task, and has passed on responsibilities to the editorial team.
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August 2015: Contributors coming on board ... List
August 2015: Editorial team starts contacting potential contributors.
April–July 2015: the editorial team is evaluating the existing material, developing contributor guidelines, and considering contributors.
April 2015: Jim officially handed over the project.


  Daniel L. Geiger, Ph.D. Curator of Malacology, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.
Responsibilities: lead editor, layout/production. Chapters Haliotidae, Scissurellidae s.l., Fissurellidae, Seguenziidae.
  Lindsey Groves, M.Sc. Collections Manager Malacology, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.
Responsibilities: collection management of LACM specimens, including types of new taxa. Chapters Cypraeoidea.
  Jann Vendetti, Ph.D. Curator & Twila Bratcher Chair of Malacology, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.
Responsibilities: editing chapters. Chapters tbd.

Contributor List
The following people have accepted invitations to contribute as of September 4, 2015. Additional people are currently discussing details.

Contributor Group
Alan Beu Tonnoidea
Rüdiger Bieler Architectonioidea, Vermetidae, Omalogyridae, Mathildidae
Philippe Bouchet Haloceratidae, +?
Lenny Brown Epitoniidae
Henry Chaney Certithiopsidae, Triphoriidae; Newtoniellidae [with co-author?]
Roger Clark Buccinidae, Volutomitridae [with co-authors]
Rachel Collin Calyptraeidae
Marta deMaintenon Columbellidae
Gene Coan Biographic Sketch
Douglas Eernisse Hipponicidae
Daniel Geiger Scissurellidae, Haliotidae, Fissurellidae, Seguenziidae, Vetigastropoda
Lindsey Groves Cypraeoidea
Jerry Harasewych Cancellariidae, Volutidae
Kazunori Hasegawa Rissoellidae
Carole Hickman various trochids and seguenziids
Roland Houart Muricidae (minus Ocenebrinae)
Arie Janssen Pteropoda
Alan Kabat Naticidae
Hugo Kool Nassariidae
Pat LaFolette Pyramidellidae
David Lindberg Patellogastropoda, Faunal introduction
Peter Marko Ocenebrinae [with co-author]
Bret Raines Caecidae
Guido Pastorino Olivideae/Olivellidae
Takenori Sasaki cocculiniforms
Martyn Snyder Fasciolariidae
Peter Stahlschmidt Raphitominae, Clathurellinae, Mitromorphinae, Pseudotomindae, Cochleospirinae
Ellen Strong most Cerithoidea, +?
Yves Teryn Terebridae (with Gavin Malcom)
John Todd Turrinae s.s. ++
Angel Valdes shelled Opisthobranchia
Diego Zelaya Margaritidae


Contributors Only